• Meetings are held the second Thursday of Every Odd Numbered Month at 7:00pm at The Hermon Fellowship Center, 5800 Monterey Road, Los Angeles (unless otherwise noted).
  • Are you a Hermon Neighborhood Council Stakeholder?  There are three Districts that make up the Hermon NC (Hermon-East, Hermon-North, Hermon West).  Click on the map below to see if your residence or business falls within the boundaries:


The HERMON Neighborhood Council was established to allow stakeholders to focus their attention and volunteer efforts primarily on the issues and concerns of their own, home community (this has been the desire of the overwhelming majority of all previous Hermon stakeholder participants in the City’s NC system), while being more inclusive of Hermon’s diverse population and community interests.

Most importantly, for the first time the consensus view of Hermon neighborhood stakeholders can be sent directly to City Hall without first having to be approved by stakeholders in surrounding neighborhood’s who have little or no sense of Hermon or its needs and specific issues. All this will, ideally, help make “government more responsive to (Hermon’s unique) local needs.”