Budget & Finance Committee


Oversees and administrates all AVNC financial matters, including system of financial accountability as required by DONE, including monthly reporting on bank accounts and maintaining all records on all deposits.

The budget should be used as a strategic financial road map to conduct activities that will help the NC achieve its goals. It should include the input of stakeholders, be accessible and be accountable to the rules that govern the usage of public funds. It is also important to articulate the manner in which the Neighborhood Council’s budget reflects its intended benefit to the community. A good budget outlines in reasonable detail: 1) operating expenses; 2) outreach activities; 3) neighborhood improvements and/or beautification projects; and 4) Neighborhood Purposes Grants. Community Improvement Projects include costs associated with beautification projects such as tree plantings, graffiti abatement, sidewalk washing, median maintenance; and capital improvements to City owned facilities such as recreation centers, fire stations, police stations and parks. Public schools and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations are eligible to receive grants from NCs through the Neighborhood Purposes Grants program. Agencies receiving a grant must provide a benefit to the community with the grant funds, be approved by the NC Board and reflected in the agenda and minutes. For expediency, the NC may submit a board resolution.

Board Member Committee Members:

Andrew MacKay, Chair
Josh Hertz
Courtney Morris
Weston Westenborg